CSPCA Versatility Rules

Title info needs to be to Paula Perry by the end of July in order for the awards to be given at Nationals in October. 


Conformation- AKC Championship 

Therapy Dog- Current proof of registration with any National Therapy Organization (TDI, TDInc. Delta Society, etc.) Therapy dog will also be recognized if documents are provided from other institutions, clubs etc. that have recognized criteria equal to or exceeding those of the National groups listed above.


Obedience- Companion Dog (CD) or Rally Novice (RN) title 

Tracking- Tracking Dog title. (TD)

Agility- AKC Novice agility title (NA or NAJ)

Nose Work- AKC Scent Work

Other Performance Events- Titles from other performance areas, but not limited to events such as Flyball, Herding, Hunting (ex. Flyball Dog, Herding Instinct Tested, Jr. Hunting) Even though Herding and Hunting are AKC events, the Chinese Shar Pei is not recognized to compete in these events. Therefore, a certificate from the organization such as North American Flyball Association, American Herding Breeds Association, or in lieu of competitive events, a written statement signed by a qualified judge or instructor with their credentials included. For a listing of accepted AKC titles, please check in the AKC Awards.


VSP (Versatile Shar Pei) a title where the dog has completed requirements from any two areas. (Areas are Conformation, Obedience, Tracking, Agility, Therapy Dog, or Certification for other performance events such as Flyball, Herding or Hunting). For completion, the dog will receive a certificate.

VSPX (Versatile Shar Pei Excellent) a title where the dog has completed requirements from three areas, one of which must be an advanced beyond beginner or novice level  title in performance. Completion of these requirements is a plaque.

 VSPCh. (Versatile Shar Pei Champion) a title where the dog has completed requirements from four areas and received its AKC Championship as well as advanced titles from two performance events, one of which must be another AKC approved event. A certificate and medallion will be awarded upon completion. 

Send all verification to:

PaulaPei@yahoo.com (e-mail preferred)
P.O. Box 335
Wolfforth, TX 79382-0335


I, ______________________ am satisfied that the herein named dog,

______________________________________, is qualified to participate

at an entry level of competition in the following performance event:


My qualifications are as follows:



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