Top Veteran



These awards were established to promote the exhibition of Veteran Chinese Shar-Pei in the Regional Shows, Specialty Shows and the National Specialty Shows.  The points for these awards are tabulated solely on wins at those shows.  The points are earned in one year and the award is presented the following year at the Awards Program.
Top Veteran Dog:     GCH Chaoyang Chick Magnet At Asia
                                   Owner: B. Berney and H. Kamp
Top Veteran  Bitch:  GCH Fuyuans Impact Of Fire Queen
                                   Owners: Kim Goza
Top Veteran Dog:    Ch TzoWen's Mandarin Orange  
                                  Owner:  Barbara Ann LaVere and Tammy Bohlke
Top Veteran Bitch:   BISS CH Willo’s  Silhouette Of Envy  
                                  Owners: Marilyn Funke & Sarah Easterday

Top Veteran Dog:      Ch. Tzo Wens Mandarin Orange
                                   Owner:  Barb LaVere
Top Veteran Bitch:    Ch. Rollicks Queen of the Night
                                   Owners: W. Kjetsaa/K Kjetsaa    

Top Veteran Dog:     GCH Destiny Texashold;M Nordic Star
                                  Owner: John & Cate Stewart
Top Veteran Bitch:   Ch. Lucky Wun Eve of a New Dawn
                                  Owner:  Becky Laing & Rosie Steinke                                    

Top Veteran Dog:     None this year.
Top Veteran Bitch:   Ch. Asia’s Jokuba Whiptastic Fantastic
                                  Owner: Tami Luddeke and Russella Bowen
Top Veteran Dog:     Ch. O-Na-Pei YK Shuda Been A Cowboy-
       (Tie)                    Owners: Georgette Schaefer
                                  Ch. Penpei’s Light My Fire 
                                  Owners: Geoff Pickett & Robert Mock
Top Veteran Bitch:   Ch. Forever’s Secret Rumors-

  Owners: M. Jordan & P. Jordan

Top Veteran Dog:     CH. Lucky Wun Squeezeplay
                                  Owner:  Rosie Steinke
Top Veteran Bitch:   Ch. Cambridge Caron’s Elite Meili Jiang
                                  Owner:  Nancy Caron


Top Veteran Dog:       CH Preshar Jodao Baywalker
                                    Owners:  Fr. Bryan Timby
Top Veteran Bitch:    Ch. O-Na-Pei U Shuda Been A Cowboy
Owner:  Georgette Schaefer
Top Veteran Dog:      CH Rumples The Brave Just Do It
                                   Owner: Cyndi Skinner
Top Veteran Bitch:    CH Shenanigans Mystic Starr
                                   Owner: Susan & Michael Lauer






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