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If your club is having a specialty show coming up , please notify us so we can add it to the page.  If you are an individual member of the club wanting to hold a specialty show, you can find the application under the "Club Info" button on our home page.  Scroll to the bottom of the list to find the show application.



 August 2019



Sponsored by Dora  Wagoner

Dates:  August 29- Sept. 1   Closing Date: Aug 14, 2019

Location:  Kentucky Horse Park;  4089 Iron Works Pike;  Lexington, KY

Entry Fees: $30.00 | $25.00

MB-F Inc., Superintendent  http://www.infodog.com


Aug. 29: Mrs. Stephanie Hedgepath
Aug.   30: Miss   Evalyn Gregory
Aug 31: Mr.   Timothy Catterson;  Mrs. Rosie Steinke
Sept. 1:  Dr.   Anne P Gallant


September 2019



Dates:  September 14-15, 2019

Location:  Purina Farms;200 Checkerboard Drive;  Gray Summit, MO

Entry Fees: $28.00/ $25.00   Closing:  August 28, 2019

Superintendent:  Foy Trent Dog Shows   info@foytrentdogshows.com


                                        Sat:  9-14    Designated Specialty- Robin Stansell

                                                            Concurrent Specialty-  Toddie Clark

                                                            (AKC Natl. Owner Handler Series offered)

                                        Sun- 9-15    Designated Specialty-  Fred Bassett



Specialty Show Website Advertising Guidelines

All CSPCA clubs and individuals can advertise their specialty or regional shows on the CSPCA website.  To advertise your specialty, be sure to get the information sent to the webmaster in plenty of time so that exhibitors can include your show in their show plans. The following is the information to be included when you advertise your specialty show on the CSPCA website. Be sure to include ALL of the following information. Please put this information in the body of an e-mail and send to Alice @ alleydoll3@comcast.net.

You can copy this information and paste in the body of an e-mail and then fill in all of the information.

Be sure that you use the same font style and size for the whole document.

  • Club Name-
  • Club Website-
  • Show Dates-
  • Show Location
  • Show Chairman-
    • Name-
    • Address-
    • Phone-
  • Judges Names-
  • Entry Fees-
  • Closing Date-
  • Show Secretary-
    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone

Optional Information-

If your show is held in conjunction with an All-Breed Show, you can add the following information as well.

This show is held in conjunction with the (Name of the Kennel Club) at the same location.

  • Show Superintendent-
  • Dates-
  • Judges- Saturday- (Date)
    • Breed
    • Group
    • BIS
  • Sunday- (Date)
    • Breed
    • Group
    • BIS

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