CSPCA Canine Distinguished Service Award

CSPCA Canine Distinguished Service Award (CDSA)- This award was established by the CSPCA in 2008 as a way to recognize those Chinese Shar-Pei that have performed some exemplary act that has significantly benefited a community or an individual. The act must be so significant that it would be defined as extraordinary. For a dog to be eligible, it must be a pure bred Shar-Pei, and either registered or eligible for registration with AKC.

Any CSPCA member or CSPCA Affiliated Club can nominate a dog. The owner of the dog is permitted to submit the nomination for his/her own dog. Nominations should be in writing and contain 500 words or less. Each nomination must include the following:

  • A non-returnable, clear, color photograph of the dog - no scans please.
  • A 500-word-or-less description of how the dog has demonstrated excellence.
  • Dog's call name, registered name if applicable, breed, age and sex.
  • Owner's/Nominator's name(s), address and phone number. E-mail address if available.

Nominations are open through out the year, but the final deadline for nominations each year will be on August 1. The CSPCA Awards Chairman will call for nominations at least once a year. Nominations should be sent to CSPCA Secretary. The CSPCA Board of Directors will select all recipients of the Award from the nominations.

Any dog approved for the award will receive a certificate of recognition at the CSPCA Awards Banquet. The winning nominations will also get a write up in The Barker, on the CSPCA web site, and in our breed column in the Gazette when possible. There shall be no limit to the number of awards given out each year.

Any Chinese Shar-Pei that wins the AKC Award for Canine Excellence (ACE) or is an Honoree of the AKC ACE Award will automatically be eligible for the CSPCA Canine Distinguished Service Award.

In order to recognize any dog that has received either the AKC ACE Award or been an ACE Honoree before 2008, any such dog will be eligible to receive the (CDSA) award in 2008, regardless of whether the dog is still living or must be awarded the honor posthumously.

List of Chinese Shar-Pei that have received this award:

  • AKC, International, NCA CH China Fleet's Sonofa Bang CGC, TDInc, Delta, TDI, VSP- 2009
  • Lydia- 2009
  • BIS Ch Double O Fast Money CGC TDIA TT VSP THDN THD THDA THDD - 2014
  • Frank Walker- 2016
Nominaton for CSPCA Canine Distinguished Service Award Presented in 2016
Frank Walker


            Frank Walker 




    Dog's Call Name:   Frank 
    Sex:  Male
    Owner: Jerod Walker
    Nominated by: Iris Gonzalez

Having learned of the callfor nominations for this year'sCSPCA Canine Distinguished Service Award, I am writing today to nominate a highly suitableShar-Pei, Frank Walker(Owner Jerod Walker).This award is to recognize a Shar-Pei that has made an extraordinary contribution to their communityor to an individual.  I believe Frank has made a significant contribution both to the cancer patient community as well as to his family: Jerod, Jerod's mother, Roxi and brother Todd.

Shortly after purchasing Frank, Jerod's brother Todd was diagnosed with cancer. Jerod took some time off from work and with Frank in tow, left California to be with his brother Todd and mother Roxi (who live in Seattle) at a treatment center in Phoenix.

After arriving at the cancer center Jerod realized Frank had an uncanny ability to hone in with needs of the patients in the hospital, including his brother's.  Frank would sit quietly and gently with Todd during chemotherapy and if Todd got tired, Frank would allow himself to be his pillow. At other times Frank made the rounds on the floor and visited all the other patients.  He allowed patients to take his picture or hug all over him and even at times cry on him.

For the next two years Frank went from treatment center to treatment center, in Phoenix, Seattle and  California.  Traveling with his family, hotel rooms became the norm, as did elevators and strangers.  But  when his therapy vest came on, he knew what his job was, no matter what city he was in. Jerod recounted a story to me about a young girl who was fighting cancer down the hall from his brother. One day Frank decided that's where he was needed.  He nudged his way into her room and she was so excited! Frank immediately made his way onto her bed and lay with her. Her father pulled Jerod into the hall afterwards and told him, that he was so grateful for their arrival, as his daughter had always wanted a Shar-Pei and they had told her when she got better they would get her one.

It is difficult to explain in a short letter what Frank's accomplishments are.   I was in touch with Jerod off and on through those two years and I can never properly describe what Frank has done for his family, so I have attached a few of the emails sent from Jerod and his mother Roxi. I would like to copy a portion of Roxi's email here:

"I'm Roxy, Jerod's mother. Sounds like Jerod keeps you updated on Franks life.  We really do love him.  For the last year and a half of my youngest son's life, Frank helped us all cope with a really tough time. Frank was young, but he was so amazing with all the cancer patients at the cancer center in Phoenix. He would go right up to them and let them love on him and cry over him and take his picture.  He brought a lot of joy to a lot of people that were dealing with life threatening cancer...  When Todd was in the hospital, he was with him. He brought us lots of laughs that were much appreciated at that time. "


I hope  you will consider Frank for the Distinguished Service Award for servicing not only his extended family in their time of need, but the other patients at the hospitals and treatment centers.  I can only attempt to express how proud I am of Frank for being not only a good pet but an outstanding ambassador for the breed. 

Nomination for CSPCA Canine Distinquished Service Award- Presented in 2014


    BIS Ch Double O Fast Money CGC





     Dog’s Call Name: Cash
     Age: 9.5 years
     Sex: Male
     Owners:  Dale and Tammy Browning-Smith
     Nominated by: Patricia J. Sullivan

As a member of the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America, I would like to nominate Cash Wall Browning-Smith for the Canine Distinguished Service Award.  Cash is owned by Tammy Browning-Smith and Dale Smith of Cleveland, Ohio.  His title and registered name is BIS CH Double O Fast Money, CGC, TDIA, TT, Pet Partners, READ, VSP, THDN, THD, THDA, THDX, THDD. 

Cash was born on December 15, 2005.  He became a member of the Browning-Smith family in January, 2007, after finishing his championship in the show ring.  Cash earned his first therapy dog certification on Mother’s Day, 2007.  This was a Mother’s Day gift to his breeder, Beverly Wall.  Cash continued to work towards being certified as a service dog and continues to mentor teams as they train.  Currently, he has worked with military service dogs, PTSD/Hearing issue service dogs, diabetic alert dogs, and mobility assistance animals.  He travels around the country with Tammy Browning-Smith teaching medical professionals and emergency service professionals how service dogs benefit patients and how they can be of assistance.  Cash and Tammy have worked to establish 2 ADA Service Dog Policies for two major hospitals.

Although this list of titles and awards is impressive, the work Cash has done with people has been far more valuable.  Cash visits Ohio Veterans Home, Elmcroft, University Hospital; both Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, Cuyahoga Public Library, Lorain Public Schools, Amherst Public Schools, and Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital.   Cash has comforted the sick, has brought happiness to families who were experiencing grief, and has felt the grasp of a life leaving this world.  There is no greater gift to the sick than comfort.  Cash brings comfort to those who are in pain, he brings consolation to those who desperately need to feel his fur on their hands, and he brings distraction during the deepest of emotions.  When I asked Tammy Browning-Smith how she was able to sit with sick children and wat, c, , , , h them in pain, she stated, "Marilyn Vinson got me hooked on therapy work and when I wanted to quit after we sat with an 8 year old just before she died, remembering only Cash could bring her comfort, I didn’t think I could handle it.  She took all the time in the world with me to convince me this was the work we were meant to do.  Since then, we have been with others during their last hours.  We have shared the joy when others are recovering.”

Cash deserves this award.  Although he may not need additional awards, he has certainly earned it with all the service he has performed in his life, much more than many humans and he would be greatly honored by the award.  Not only does Cash work hard, but, he also serves as a gift to the breed and to the world and to the lives he has touched.  Let Cash be an inspiration to all of you, and to your dogs. Cash is not only a champion in the show ring, but he is also one in the hearts of everyone he meets.  He should serve as , an example to every owner of this breed.  Shar-Pei can be service dogs and they can be therapy dogs.  Tammy, Dale, and Cash work together as a team, and they want to encourage Shar-Pei owners to do therapy dog work with their Shar-Pei.  These dogs and their owners can make a difference in the lives of others.  Tammy has said when Cash walks into a h, ospital, many people drop what they are doing to see a real Shar-Pei, and people comment they have never seen one up close or touched one.  This can be you and your Shar-Pei if you are willing to make the commitment to work towards therapy certification.  Cash Wall Browning Smith, inspiring Shar-Pei, deserves this award.

His titles:            
             CGC - Canine Good Citizen
            TT Temperament Test – National Organization           
            TDIA - Therapy Dog International
            Pet Partners – Formerly Delta
            VSP - Versatile Shar-Pei
            READ - Therapy Reading Dog Certificate
            AKC Therapy Dog – THDN - Must have completed 10 visits
            AKC Therapy Dog –  THD - Must have completed 50 visits
            AKC Therapy Dog Advanced –  Must have completed 100 visits
            AKC Therapy Dog Excellent – Must have completed 200 visits
            AKC Therapy Dog Distinguished – Must have completed 400 visits


Nomination for CSPCA Canine Distinquished Service Award- Presented in 2009

AKC, International, NCA CH China Fleet's Sonofa Bang CGC, TDInc, Delta, TDI, VSP


Dog’s Call Name: Banger
Sex: Male
Owner: Marilyn Vinson
Nominated by: Randie Blumhagen
2000 ACE Awards Honorees- Honorable Mention

(Received AKC Honorable Mention for his therapy work with burn victims.)

Banger was burned in a boarding accident when he was five months old, leaving him with second and third degree burns on his head and face. Considering he was a cream horse-coat with a face full of scars, he finished relatively quickly. He was shown as a special and started a career as a therapy dog. He was one of the best therapy dogs- of any breed and a great ambassador to represent the Chinese Shar-Pei. He was especially popular with burn victims.

One of his favorite places to visit was his annual visit to Camp Courage- a summer camp for burn survivors. Being a burn survivor himself, the campers could relate to Banger and to his scars. It was Banger’s job to try to increase the self esteem of the burn victim campers, and he was very good at it. He always put on a short program about dog shows, and explained what judges are looking for and how what he was inside was more important to most judges than a cosmetic scar. He taught them to believe in themselves and always gave out cards with his photo on one side and the poem "The Victor" on the back.

One young camper told Banger- in a voice I could not hear well- all about 'when he was burned'. We were told later it was the first time he had spoken about it.

Banger is the only Shar-Pei to date to be honored in the ACE program with an honorable mention and a bronze medallion.

The Victor
by C. W. Longenecker

If you think you are beaten, you are;
If you think that you dare not, you don't,
If you'd like to win, but you think you can't,
It's almost certain you won't.
If you think you'll lose, you're lost,
For out in the world you'll find
Success begins with a fellow's will.
It's all in the state of mind.
If you think you are outclassed, you are;
You've got to think high to rise;
You've got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.
Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man;
But sooner or later the man who wins
Is the man who thinks he can.

Nomination for CSPCA Canine Distinquished Service Award. Awarded and Presented in 2009

Dog’s Call Name: Lydia
Sex: Female
Owners: Theresa and Thomas Kanan
Nominated by: Centennial Chinese Shar-Pei Club

(Nominated for her assistance in an arrest of an eco-terrorist in the Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver.)

Lydia, the Heroine of Cherry Creek

In late 2006 a Shar-Pei rescue dog named Lydia found a new home with Theresa and Thomas Kanan in the posh Denver neighborhood of Cherry Creek. Only a few months after Lydia came to her new home, a supporter of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) decided that the residents of Cherry Creek should be punished for choosing to own gas guzzling SUV’s. He set upon the task of teaching the residents the error of their ways. Late at night he would target the SUV’s that were in the Cherry Creek neighborhood by setting them on fire using fire bombs. Over several days he managed to destroy 30-40 vehicles with firebombs, many of which were completely gutted.

On the night of March 23, 2007, the terrorist made a terrible mistake in judgment, because he came under the sights of Miss Lydia. The Kanan’s had retired for the night, but like any good Shar-Pei with guard dog instincts, Lydia was still on duty. Using her best guard dog instincts, she went to the window to investigate when she heard a noise outside. She knew that something was amiss with the man outside messing with their family vehicle. She took it upon herself to scare the man away with her barking from the window. When that didn’t work, she ran upstairs to wake the family. Theresa realized that something was wrong, because Lydia kept barking and trying to lead Theresa downstairs. When Theresa followed Lydia to the window, it was apparent that a man was trying to set their SUV on fire. Theresa quickly called for Thomas’ help, and Lydia ran to get him too. As Tom assessed the situation, the eco-terrorist made his escape. Tom grabbed the car keys, and ran to move the vehicle from the fire that the arsonist had started under the gas tank. Quickly Theresa was on the phone to the police. The police were able to catch and apprehend the terrorist as he was trying to escape. A search of his vehicle uncovered enough material for setting off seven more fire bombs. It appeared that he had plans to escalate his attacks by putting the fire bombs under the gas tanks to cause larger explosions, instead of just burning up the vehicles.

Who knows how long it would have taken to catch this eco-terrorist if Lydia hadn’t been on duty. In July, 2007 the fire bomber, 24, pleaded guilty to one count of using an incendiary device and one count of second-degree arson, and will be serving 12 years behind bars in prison.

There is no way to estimate how many thousands of dollars Lydia was able to save Cherry Creek residents or their insurance companies. Who knows what property damage, or how many more vehicles would have been lost without Lydia’s help on that March night , when the terrorist tried to target the vehicle owned by Lydia’s family. It could easily mount up to several hundred-thousand dollars.

Lydia was a rescue dog that was placed in her home by the Centennial Chinese Shar-Pei Club Rescue program.

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