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There has been a lot of discussion on various e-mail lists, and in The Barker, about the health of our dogs. Some are being celebrated for long life, but many are dying young. Of course, if all our dogs lived to 15 years old or more, we would all be happier, but the reality is that few make it to age 10.

Several years ago the Doberman Pincher Club of America implemented a Longevity Program to recognize dogs that attain the age of 10 years or more, or whose sires AND dams attained the age of 10 years or more. Their goal was to identify dogs and bloodlines strong in longevity and to establish longevity as a measure of overall good health. At the time they started their program, the average life span for Dobermans was 7 years. Recognizing and tracking long-lived Dobermans would help breeders establish longevity as a breeding goal.It is with extreme appreciation that the CSPCA has received approval from the DPCA to utilize their concept as a prototype for our own Longevity Program.

It is NOT the purpose of this program to track the major causes of death of the Chinese Shar-Pei, but rather to follow those pedigrees who, due to genetics or environment, have survived beyond the average life span of the breed as a whole.

The purpose of the Longevity Program is two-fold. We not only want to celebrate those dogs that have made it to their "Golden Years", but to also draw attention to the possible value their lines could contribute to our breed in general. While old age and good health in a pedigree cannot guarantee that every puppy in each successive generation will attain 10 years of age or more, we do need to consider the significance these lines could possibly offer to our breeding programs.

The Longevity Certificate number should be included in the pedigrees of the progeny much as we see OFA and CERF numbers being used now. We can only hope that as years pass, pedigrees with a large number of LC dogs and bitches will produce progeny with an increased chance of living long lives themselves.

Any Chinese Shar-Pei whose age can be verified and who has lived to age 10 years or more, and which is registered with the official breed registry of its country, is eligible. Eligibility is not restricted to CSPCA membership. Eligibility is also not limited to dogs in the United States.

A COPY OF THE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE should be mailed along with the application before the entry will processed. Mail the copy of the Registration Certificate and the filled out application to:

CSPCA Longevity Program Chairman
Roberta ( Bobbie) Libman
31212 Via Limon
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675-5553
Phone: (949) 661-1175

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