• 2016 Photo Contest
    This page has all the information you need to enter the 2016 CSPCA Photo Contest.  Just click on the words in red:  2016 Photo Contest for the full details.
  • Agility Premium- 2016
    Click on the link for the Agility premium list (October 2, 2016,) for the concurrent agility trial with Lancaster Kennel Club. The Lancaster Kennel Club is also holding an All Breed Agility Trial on October 1, 2016 at the same site. The Trial Secretary for these agility trials is Cyndi
    Please remember that these are different show/trial secretaries/superintendents when submitting your entries for Agility and/or Conformation. 
  • AKC Entry Form
    Clicking on this link will take you to an AKC show entry form.
  • Emergency Information Sheet

    This is a page for you to fill out about your dog in case there is an emergency.  It is good to take the page with you when you are traveling with the dog incase anything were to happen to you.  This information could help someone if they need to see that your dog gets taken care of.  

    Fill out a form on each of your animals.  Be sure to add a photo of your dog on the page.  It is especially good to have yourself included in the photo with the dog in case you need to show some evidence of your ownership of the dog.

    Just click on the words in red:  Emergency Information Sheet to get the pfd.

  • Expense Report Form
    You must use this official form for any expenses that the club may owe you. Receipts must be attached as well.   Once the form has been filled out and mailed to the CSPCA Treasurer, it will be presented to the CSPCA to be approved.
  • Health Survey Fundraiser- 2016

    The pdf has all the information that you need about the CSPCA Health Survey on Dr. Vidt's website.  You can print this form and take it to you vet so they can pass thin information along to their other Shar-Pei clients.  The more surveys that are filled out, the more it benefits our breed, the Chinese Shar-Pei Charitable Trust and the CSPCA Rescue Fund.

    Thanks in advance for your participation and also for passing the information along to other Shar-Pei owners.  Just click on the words in red: Health Survey Fundraiser- 2016  to get the pdf.

  • Membership Application

    For those that would like a printable Membership application just click on this link and a printable pdf will come up.  All the instructions are on the form.  Don't forget to look at the second page too.  It explains the different membership types and what privileges you get with each one.

    If you want to print this for a hand-out, you can print it double sided so that the form is on the front and the descriptions are on the back.

  • Nationals 2016- Judging Program
    This is the judging schedule for the 2016 National Specialty Show.
  • Nationals 2016- Premium List

    The Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America, Inc. is distributing their premium lists electronically for their National Specialty Shows, October 3-8, 2016 in York, Pennsylvania.  Attached is a printable copy for you to this email.  If you are unable to open the file, you can also view it at and click on the link to 2016 events. There is also a link at that site if you choose to enter these shows online.  

    This year CSPCA is offering the AKC National Owner-Handled Series for both events, so be sure to check your entry form if you are eligible.  There is no additional entry fee for this award.  If you would like a paper conformation premium list mailed to you, please advise me as soon as possible at

  • Nationals 2016- Reservation Form
    This form has all the information about reservations you can make in regards to our National Specialty with the Top 25 Invitational being the except.  It has it's own reservation form that is sent to a different person.

    We encourage you to pre-order a Catalog as the number available at Nationals will be limited.  Only those that order their catalog in advance can be guaranteed to get one.  For those that can't make it to nationals or those that forget to mark their catalogs, you can purchase Marked Catalogs.  Once nationals is over and the results have been confirmed, a catalog will be hand marked for you and mailed.

    Pre-ordering the Buffet Lunch will save you money as the price increased if you wait until Nationals to purchase your lunch tickets.  

    You don't want to miss the Welcome Reception/Costume Party on Tuesday night.  Come in costume if you like, as prizes will be given for best costume etc.  This is your chance to spend have a fun time visiting with your old friends and making some new ones as well.

    If you want to be guaranteed a seat ringside, you may want to consider Reserved Seating.  An area is roped off and only those that purchase reserved seat are allowed to sit in those chairs.

    Awards Program is a dinner and awards ceremony.  Our top achieving dogs and people are recognized.  It is a good way to connect a name with a face to the people that you have not met yet.  Come see what our club members have accomplished and help to honor their achievements over the past year.

    Click on the link to get more information and the reservation form.  Print it, fill it out and make to the designated person.  Be sure to get it in before the deadline of September 26, 2016

  • Nationals 2016- RV Parking Form
    If you are planning to come to Nationals this year in an RV, you will find all
    the information you need if you click on this link.  The RV parking reservation
    form is attached as well.  Once you have the link open, you can print it, fill it
    out and then mail to the designated person.
  • Nationals 2016- Vendors Info & Application

    By clicking on this link you will find all the information you need to have a booth at our National Specialty show.  It includes all the information and rules for vendors, as well as the vendor application.  Just print it, fill it out and mail to the designated person.  

  • Nationals 2016-Top 25 Invitational Banquet

     Come One, Come All to the Masquerade Ball

    The top 25 qualified dogs have been invited to participate in this event.  This is your opportunity to see first hand the best of our breed.  It is a formal dinner, with the dogs being judged by a panel of 3 judges.  The theme this year is "Night at the Masquerade Ball".  Prizes will be awards to the guests with the most decorated masks, so come join the fun.  Just click on the link for the reservation form.  Print it and mail it with your payment to the designed person.

  • Scroll of Honor
    Do you wish to recognize the life and honor the memory of any of your Shar-Pei that have passed away this year?  Any member of the CSPCA may participate by submitting the name of a dog they owned who passes away from January1 - December 31, 2016.  To get the pdf form for submitting  your dog, just click on Scroll of Honor

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