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Provided by the Public Education Committee of the CSPCA, Inc.

These RECOMMENDED BREEDING PRACTICES are established in accordance with the objectives of The CHINESE SHAR-PEI CLUB OF AMERICA. Adherence to these recommended practices is suggested for all members.

INTRODUCTION: The Chinese Shar-Pei is above all a companion animal and must exhibit the temperament, intelligence and structure of a healthy companion. The physical appearance should be as described in the Chinese Shar-Pei Standard approved by the American Kennel Club on February 28, 1998.

The Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America, Inc. offers a listing of breeders which is provided as a service to the public. The CSPCA, Inc. does not endorse, guarantee or specifically recommend any breeder listed. We offer no guarantee as to the qualifications and knowledge of any breeder on this list. We are not liable for any services between you and any listed breeder, nor for the accuracy of any information that may be provided by any breeder on this list. It is the puppy buyer's sole responsibility to check on all qualifications and certifications, and to determine the quality of dog being offered by any breeder listed.

These Recommended Practices are offered as a guidance in helping you to find or breed a good quality dog. Please read the recommendations and become familiar with them, so that you will know the right questions to ask a breeder to see if they do any health testing or not.

As with any other purchase, it is up to the buyer to do the research before making a purchase.

  1. Study and strive to conserve and improve the breed in structure, temperament and health, never sacrificing one for the others.
  2. Breed only AKC registered dogs and bitches which have OFA or Penn-Hip certified or preliminary hips (or HD-free hips as certified by foreign counterparts of the OFA). Imported Chinese Shar-Pei must have OFA or Penn-Hip preliminary or certification within six months after arrival in U.S.A. If semen is used from an imported Chinese Shar-Pei, the dog must be x-rayed and certified or preliminary graded by the OFA, Penn-Hip or foreign counterpart. Breed only dogs and bitches of stable temperament with no disqualifying physical faults according to the AKC Chinese Shar-Pei Standard (i.e. pricked ears, solid pink tongue, absence of a complete tail, or an incorrect color: Albino; not a solid color, i.e.: Brindle; Particolored; Spotted; Patterned in any combination of colors.)
  3. Offer at stud, with a signed written contract highly recommended, only mature (eighteen months of age or older) healthy dogs with OFA certified or prelimed normal hips, free of communicable diseases, having none of the faults listed in Section 2 above. Refuse stud service to any bitch not meeting the same requirements. If you do not have a signed contract, be sure that all conditions and expectations are discussed and agreed upon before the breeding.
  4. Breed only bitches eighteen months of age or older with OFA certified or preliminary evaluation as normal hips, in good health, free of communicable diseases, having none of the faults listed above in Section 2, and not more than two out of three consecutive seasons. Plan all litters with the goal of improving the breed.
  5. Maintain the highest possible standards of health, cleanliness and care of all dogs. Dogs shall be contained within safe restrictions when the breeder/owner cannot personally supervise their safety.
  6. Choose names for AKC registration which do not use prefixes or kennel names associated with other recognized breeders of Chinese Shar-Pei in the U.S., Canada, Germany or any other foreign country, unless written permission is obtained from the original user of the name.
  7. Sell all dogs with a signed, written contract highly recommended, so that you have a record of what is agreed upon. If you do not get a signed written contract, make sure to check the reputation of the breeder and buyer very carefully before the sale. All dogs/puppies sold must be guaranteed to be in healthy condition, including adequate protection against known diseases. Keep and pass on to buyers accurate health, breeding and registration records and pedigree records of at least three generations. Registration papers may be withheld or breeder's rights retained only by mutual agreement in writing, signed by both parties. Require that all Chinese Shar-Pei not purchased as show and breeding stock be made incapable of reproducing, and require that limited registration "blue slips" be provided, or that registration papers be withheld until a veterinarian's certificate is received as proof of sterilization. Release puppies to their new home only after they reach eight weeks of age.
  8. Evaluate honestly according to the AKC Chinese Shar-Pei Standard, and state clearly to the buyer the quality of any Shar-Pei sold. All advertising shall be honest and informative and shall in no way misrepresent the stock offered.
  9. Sell only to responsible persons and not knowingly sell to anyone or any entity who engages in any activity which might exploit the breed. Chinese Shar-Pei shall not be given as prizes, offered in raffles, or sold at auctions, sold to or given to a broker or placed through a pet shop nor shall Shar-Pei be exploited in any detrimental manner.
  10. Breeders recognize that they have a lifetime responsibility for puppies produced by their brood bitch or stud dog. Breeders and stud dog owners recognize the inherent obligation to provide a stable environment that protects each puppy's physical and emotional well being. This includes helping to relocate to a new home a puppy (or adult dog) with which the owner is dissatisfied, or taking that puppy (or adult) back. Any provisions for refunds or reimbursement of expenses shall be handled in the contract between breeder and owner. No puppy or adult dog bred or owned by a CSPCA member shall be disposed of in an animal shelter or pound unless required to do so by law.
  11. Demonstrate the highest standards of good sportsmanship and good will at shows, obedience and herding trials, and at any other event involving Chinese Shar-Pei. Assist all newcomers to the breed so that they may be guided in the ways that can best conserve and improve the Chinese Shar-Pei.

The CSPCA would encourage the following practices for all breeders. It is up to all buyers to verify if a breeder follows these recommended practices or not.

  1. Encourage performance titles to retain the breed's correct temperament. Encourage the showing of future breeding animals in the conformation ring, keeping in mind that the purpose of such shows is to improve the breed by objective evaluation of the animals in competition according to the Breed Standard.
  2. CSPCA agrees with AKC that all breeders should have their dogs microchipped or have permanent identification. This must be done before an OFA hip x-ray can be done. Also encourage the recommenda- tion that all dogs have their eyes checked by a veterinary ophthalmologist and that the presence of other hereditary diseases such as elbow dysplasia, patella luxation and hypothyroidism checked for prior to breeding.

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