Chinese Shar-Pei that have Qualified for CHIC Registration

Chinese Shar-Pei that have meet the requirements for the CHIC program are listed below. The requirements are that the dog must take the following five health tests and allow the results of the tests to be posted on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals website. The tests are: ElbowDysplasia, Hip Dysplasia, Patellar Luxation, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, and a CERF Eye Exam, You can find the most current list of Shar-Pei that have meet these requirements at the following link:  - Enter Chinese Shar-Pei for the breed and that will take you to the list of our dogs that are CHIC certified

Name Year Certified Sex CHIC # Bred by Owned by
Chases Twinkling Star In The Sky CGC TKN 2017 Female 120678 Angela Collins Tina Chase
CH RICKETTS LEGACY AT LEGENDS 2016 Female 1767699 Josie Baker and Michelle Greenway Betsy Michels
CH SIOSALACH CDN COCKTAIL FTAILS 2015 Female 104007 Michelle Chisholm and William Chisholm Melissa Castillo and Verla Loomis Randall
CH. FAIRY TAILS LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD CGC 2015 Female 10481 Maria Harris Verla Loomis Randall, Bruce Wayne Randall, Melissa Castillo, Julian Castillo
CH. JADE EAST DIAMOND FIRE AT EMPIRE 2015 Male 105173 Loretta B. Anders, Karel R. Nijholt, Esmae Minne Paula D. Altena, Arvin D. Altena
BELLA'S BEAUTIFUL DREAM 2013 Female 94480 Brian Weyant Dorothy R. Smith and Geoff Pickett
BISS GCH LUCKY WUN OUT OF CONTROL 2013 Female 94144 Rosie Steinke and Rebecca Liang Paula and Arvin Altena
CH B&G MELODY OF LOVE 2013 Male 91212 Galyna Maier Susan K. Gregg
CH. B&G LADY IN WAITING (F) 2013 Female 88150 Galyna Maier Shirley Salisbury & Galyna Maier
CH. TZO WEN AND B&G ON A MISSION (M) 2013 Male 89022 Barbara LaVere Galyna Maier and Felicia Gervais
CH BARHUND'S MICHELANGELO (M) 2012 Male 84662 Geoff Pickett Geoff Pickett
  CH. US LIBERTY’S PEI ME DOUBLE (M) 2012 Male 79565 Judy Meitin and Marie Burris Marie Burris
CHASE’S MY JUBILEE IS GONNABEA STAR BN RA FDC THD RATN CGCA CGCU TKA VSPX 2012 Female 77654 Kristina and Jeffery Chase Jarred and Tina Chase
  RLEE’S NASHVILLE ROAD TRIP AT FURROWS 2012 Male 80304 Pat Zimmel-Roach and Harry C. Roach Susan Beck
  TIFFANY’S MARCUS JUNIUS BRUTUS 2012 Male 77422 Jeanne Gilroy Nancy Fetters
CH. CATREN’S IT’S ABOUT TYME O’XU-FEI (M) 2011 Male 74454 Cathy Mall Cathy Mall and Ann Cookson
  CH. RIVERWIND N BONZAI RIP IT UP IN RED (F) 2011 Female 69799 Jan Otterson Cindy O’Hare
CHARMING’S WRITTEN IN STONE (M) 2011 Male 74151 David and Debbie Johnson David and Debbie Johnson
GCH PRESHAR’S DUNDEE’S WALKABOUT JR. (M) 2011 Male 75667 Rosemary Davis Nancy J Napoli and Laura G Saunders
STONEYS’N BARHUND’S LA VIE EN ROSE (F) 2011 Female 74455 Bonnie Stoney Geoff Pickett
  CH. BLACKWITCH MIDNIGHT MISCHIEF (F) 2010 Female 60689 Denise Beagle Denise Beagle
CH. CHARMING'S MILESTONE AT SUN TEA (M) 2010 Male 64847 Debbie and David Johnson Arlene Dannemiller
CH. EMPIRE'S SMOOTH MOVES (M) 2010 Male 62048 Paula and Arvin Altena Paula and Arvin Altena
CH. SUN TEA MCBRIDE (M) 2010 Male 64846 Arlene Dannemiller Arlene Dannemiller
GCH. CH. ROLFS ZABAD LOVE ME TENDER (M) 2010 Male 67967 Ralph B. Hannon Marcia Troxell, Ralph B. Hannon, Judy Ellis, Jessy Beichert
AM. CAN. BISS. CH. BARHUND’S A GALA TALK’N GIRL (F) 2009 Female 54507 Geoff J. Pickett , Robert Mock and Dee Dee Wells Geoff J. Pickett and Robert Mock
BISS CH. CHINA FLEET’S NORDIC BREEZE (F) 2009 Female 58063 Marilyn Vinson John and Catherine Stewart
CH. MARGEM'S PIZZA DA ACTION (M) 2009 Male 59004 Dee Dee Wells Mary Jo Janowicz
CH. RICKETTS BUTTERCREAM FROSTING (F) 2009 Female 54403 Eileen Kolat Kristina and Jeffery Chase
  SHENANIGAN’S ZIA DESERT PEARL (F) 2009 Female 54508 Michael and Susan Lauer Deborah Camp
CH BARHUND'S A GALA GIRL (F) 2008 Female 53324 Geoff J Pickett, Robert Mock & Dee Dee Wells Geoff J Pickett & Robert Mock
AKC, CKC, UKC CH BLUGRASS FRIENDLY WAGER (M) 2007 Male 24897 Judi Todd and Lisa Myers Ellana L. Clark
AKC, CKC, UKC CH CHI-KUAN’S BAAAAD FUR EWE (F) 2007 Female 24898 Ellana L. Clark Ellana L Clarke
AM.CAN. BISS. CH. PENPEI’S LIGHT MY FIRE (M) 2007 Male 27046 Jane Pensyl and Jill Clites Geoff Pickett and Robert Mock
BISS GCH. DESTINY TEXAS HOLD’M NORDIC STAR, CGC (M) 2007 Male 37378 Paul and Kristin Henning John and Cate Stewart
CH ZING ZOO SIR SISAL (M) 2007 Male 41774 Grace Fritz Grace Fritz
CH. GOOD FORTUNE LIVING LARGE (M) 2007 Male 40642 Grace Fritz David and Debbie Johnson
CH. SALIN’S SHINE A LITE ON ME (F) 2007 Female 42446 Sharen Jud Alice Fix, Pat Grossman and Kevin Springer
  CH. SHENANIGAN’S BILLY GUNN (M) 2007 Male 24896 Michael and Susan Lauer Michael and Susan Lauer
CHARMING’S MIDNIGHT PASSION (F) 2007 Female 42786 David and Debbie Johnson David and Debbie Johnson
  DYNAMITES ALL BETS R OFF (F) 2007 Male 24899 Lori Holcomb Ellana L. Clark

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