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The health of our dogs is always a concern of any dog owner.  Everyone would like to
see their breed free of any health issues and work towards that goal.  The Shar-Pei owners
are no different.  As a group we have participated in different projects to find answers to our
breed problems and to work towards eliminating all of them that we can.  In order to eliminate
the most common problems, you must start by determining what are the most common
problems in the breed.  The CSPCA Health Through Education Committee is working to
find the answer to that question.
A Health Survey is being conducted by the CSPCA Health Through Education Committee.
Dr. Jeff Vidt has posted a Chinese Shar-Pei Health Questionnaire on his website: .  It was put together with the goal of determining what are the most
common health issues in the breed and how they are changing from year to year.  This
information is then used to help determine what research projects the Chinese Shar-Pei
Charitable Trust should invest in that would be the greatest help to our breed. 
Last year there were only 233 surveys filled out by all the Shar-Pei owners.  We appreciate
those that took the time to fill out a survey so they could be part of improving the health of
our breed, but we can do better than that.  Surely there are more people that have an
interest in finding out what our most common problems are so we can invest in the research
projects that will give us the biggest benefit.  The CSPCA Board of Directors has decided
to create an incentive for participating in this health project.  At the November 2015 Board
of Director meeting, it was unanimously voted to sponsor funding raising project for
the Chinese Shar-Pei Charitable Trust and the CSPCA Rescue Fund. 
We would like to announce that for the year 2016, the Chinese Shar-Pei Club of America
is going to donate $2 to the Chinese Shar-Pei Charitable Trust and another $2 to the
CSPCA Rescue Fund for a total of $4 donation for each and every health survey that is
filled out and submitted to Dr. Vidt in 2016.  This will begin on January 1, 2016 and end
on December 31, 2016.  At the end of the year the total number of surveys will be counted
and the checks written to both groups.  It is a fairly quick and easy way to earn money
for each of these groups and to help determine the most prevalent issues in the breed. 
Any owner of a Shar-Pei can participate.  All Shar-Pei are invited to be included, whether
you are a show dog, a pet, a rescue dog etc. Dr. Vidt compiles the results which are
used to help the Chinese Shar-Pei Charitable Trust fund those research projects which
can help improve Shar-Pei health issues. 
You will find the survey on left side of Dr. Vidt’s home page.  Under the heading "Survey”
you will have the choice to download the Health Survey Form as a pdf or to take the
survey online.  It is not necessary to have your dog’s registration number, or even be
registered.   You will need the birth date or approximate birth date if the exact date is
unknown.  You can call your dogs- Dog A, Dog B, or you can call them Dog 1, Dog 2,
or you can use your dog’s call names.  It is not necessary for you to remember from
year to year what you called them the year before either.  Each year is looked at
individually.  How a specific dog has changed from year to year is not taken into
consideration or even compared.  Instead the statistics as a whole are compared one
year to the next.
1.  Fill out one survey for each of your Shar-Pei.  Even if you dog has none of the problems
      listed on the questionnaire, please submit a survey for that dog.
2.  You just put a check mark next to the disease or condition which applies to the dog.
3.  Fill out your survey based on Veterinary medical diagnosis so as to insure consistency
     and accuracy.
4.  Submit the completed form to Dr. Vidt.
Please take the time to fill out a survey on each of your Shar-Pei each year so we
can make the appropriate investment into the health of our breed. As you know,
health issues do change from year to year.  That is why it is important to fill out
a survey on each of your dogs every year.   It only takes a few minutes to do. 
You can either fill it out online or print it, fill it out and put it in the mail to Dr. Vidt.  We thank you in advance for your contribution to our breed.
The CSPCA Board of Directors


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The CSPCA Rescue Fund is always in need of donations in order to help our homeless dogs. No donation is too small and all donations are appreciated equally.   Won’t you consider making a contribution to the CSPCA Rescue Fund today? Please make checks out to the CSPCA Rescue Fund and mail them to:

Paula Burkholder, 466 Blaisdell Dr;  Delaware, OH 43015

Thank you for any consideration you can give us. If you have time to volunteer, consider contacting a local Shar-Pei rescue group to offer your services. Those groups can be found under the Rescue button on the CSPCA website.

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